Interstate Hassles

On the way home from work this afternoon I had to take an alternative route home. It appears that a major wreak happened on the Interstate, a hit and run and at least one person was killed. What a mess to deal with on a Wednesday at the end of a long hard day at work. There was nothing fun about this particular “hump day”.

hump day


School Days Almost Over

When I was a kid, we had to go to school until the third week of June. When we got home on that last day of school, we usually found my mom’s car loaded with suitcases and bags of gear to take on our vacation. We got home, changed into play clothes, and drove off that very night for the cabin. Our Dad always told us that he helped Daniel Boone build that cabin, not sure how he convinced us of that considering all of the new modern luxuries were quite evident. I mean heck we even had Indianapolis Water Softeners put in a system to help make the water taste better since our Mom insisted that we drink water and not soda pop all summer long.

Funny how our own world view can be so limited to our own experiences. I had no idea that kids in other parts of the country we getting out of school before Memorial Day! I am so jealous of those kids!

To me, the very best part of summer is when it is not so unbearably hot during the day, which means June and July. By the time it gets to August, it is miserably hot and humid. I’d much rather be back in an air conditioned school room in August than stuck at home and be told by my mom to go outside and play in 100+ degrees heat. Ugh!

Hillbilly Hand Fishing

The commercials for this year’s TV Reality show Hillbilly Hand Fishing have been interesting, to say the least, but I don’t think that I’ll be tuning in to the Animal Planet to see it any time soon. There is just too many weird, unknown, wacky, ugly things going on there for my taste to even just watch the darn thing, can’t imagine participating in such a thing.

on tv

Hillbilly Hand Fishing

The Legendary Thrash Band Exodus

Musician’s Friend is having a Memorial Day Doorbuster Sale and I have found an esp-ecially awesome Black ESP Gary Holt Signature Model Electric Guitar that I can’t seem to shake out of my head. This is a new guitar that is named after legendary thrash band Exodus. I love the color and I can just imagine how it would look and feel strapped on to me.


ESP LTD GH600EC Gary Holt Signature Model Electric Guitar Black

Mom’s Help

My mom asked me to compare satellite internet plans for her which I did and then she took it upon herself to call my brother and tell him I wasn’t doing enough to help her out! I know it sounds like I’m just complaining but my brother Paul’s always been the favorite and I’m getting really sick of mom trying to start fights between us. I’ve got a big family and they’ve always felt like I’m not living up to my potential (I’m not psychoanalyzing, they’ve actually told me that) which means they feel like they’re allowed to stir up things between me and my siblings.

I really love having so many relatives but sometimes they’re all up in my personal business and I’m a pretty private person so that just drives me away! I know it’s all just part of our dynamic but it’s probably going to be when pigs fly that I get used to people prying in my life so they can pick it apart, you know what I mean?