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For living out in the boonies we sure get a lot of air traffic all day and night around here. There is an Air Circus about 45 minutes away from here so we see a good amount of planes that are going there or leaving from there during the weekends when they have some of their larger shows from time to time.

We also get a good amount of helicopters flying by. Since  don’t wear my glasses except for when I’m watching TV or a movie or while I’m driving, it is difficult for me to try and see what the writings and designs are decorating these helicopters. One of my neighbors commented that some of the helicopters are up there looking for Pot Fields that people have planted on their properties. Big Brother is eveywhere with no signs of leaving any time soon folks.

For the past year I had been preparing for my daughters Sweet Sixteen birthday party that she has been talking about since she learned about how big a Sweet Sixteen party usually is celebrated by many people. She had come up with so many themes and never ending ideas for how it play out. I warned her I wouldn’t go all out like they do on her favorite show on MTV, Sweet Sixteen.

She knew not to expect anything over the top but needless to say I put a ton of effort into making it as close as I possibly could to her dream sweet sixteen. For almost a year before her sixteenth birthday I have been spending many nights that she is away at a friends house on the computer finding the best bargains I could find, and I came across some really cool sites. I picked up a sweet zentera amp that I know she’ll be just crazy about.

One site in particular promised that the whole night would be a glowing celebration. I found these awesome classic black lights online, for what I think was an unbelievable price and ordered 2 dozen black lights to place around the party area for her birthday. It was the most talked about thing all night long at her sweet sixteen celebration. Even though her birthday wasn’t as extravagant as they are on TV, but it was a unforgettable night for her and her guests, I couldn’t be any happier for how her birthday turned out.

Now it’s time to sit back and face the fact that my sixteen year old little girl is a full blown teenager. The real scary part is now she is of legal age to start the process of getting her driver’s license!

sixteen, the next chapter

16 Years To Celebrate

We really are so fortunate to be able to access the Internet where I work, as long as we don’t get carried away with it, it’s all good. So many places monitor their employee’s Internet use and have such strict rules set in place, so glad that isn’t the case at all with us. We do have some really great people there and I really don’t think any of us abuse this privilege at all.

Lately there has been a rash of interest in mosaic tiles. One of the gals there is having her kitchen redone and has discovered how beautiful and affordable these glass mosaic tiles can be and we are all looking around online seeing what it out there and drooling over what we are finding! I do believe that several of us are now interested in having these gorgeous glass tiles ordered and installed in our homes, funny how that goes isn’t it?

The Animal Planet has a great show that comes on most mornings called “Animal Cops” that I have to admit can be hard to watch. The amount of animal cruelty and neglect that runs rampant in this country is very disturbing and these folks are working their butts off trying to make right all of the wrongs that are being done to millions of animals, of all species, each year. Hopefully these shows will help enlighten more folks to their plight.

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Animal Cops On TV



Just got a letter from the county telling me that I need to send them $10 to register and license myone little house dog. They must have got the information from the vet that I took her to last month. It’s all about the money, a dollar here and a dollar there, sigh….