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I often wonder what my life would be like if I had done things differently. I don’t think I am much different than most people in that way. There were a couple of jobs that I really had hoped to have landed, that might have really impacted my life in various ways. I have always been taught that things happen for a reason, so I usually just roll with it as best as I can.

One job that I really, really wanted was with a brand new translation agency that a lot of local businesses were turning to. The position itself wasn’t as a translator, but as the office manager. My heart was broken when I didn’t get a call back after my interview. I thought that it had gone quite well actually and I even sent a nice thank you letter a few days after the interview. I ended up working at a kiosk at the local mall shortly after, selling dolls.

I wonder if I had landed that job, if I would have gone the extra mile and actually started to learn a foreign language, instead of ending up with shelves upon shelves and boxes and boxes of dolls all around the house.

A really good friend of mine and her husband had recently moved to the Southern State of Texas and had always talked about having her own ranch. She had came into a little bit of money last year before they had moved, and they decided it was time to make their dreams a reality and had built their own rancher. Over time they had purchased a few dogs and a few beautiful horses to start with. After a while they had found that it takes a lot to take care of these beautiful creatures, and it’s tough when you have to not only take care of these animals, bu also need to work, to provide for them, and shop for not only yourself but for the animals as well.

Her husband doesn’t use the computer very much at all and had made a comment to me last month that sparked my attention. He said someone needs to create a website where u can shop for not only riding wear for themselves but riding equipment for horses as well. I remember seeing a pretty cool website that offers just that plus for dogs as well so I thought it would be nice if I sent them a link to their email and show them both this website, and they are so thrilled to have a one stop website for their riding purchases with an awesomely low price. Not only is it convenient and the prices are low, but they carry many different types of riding equipment that any rider would need.

Shopping online is extremely popular nowadays, so it’s often easy to have a false sense of security when you’re entering your credit card information online. Unfortunately, you can easily become a victim of fraud, scams, and/or identity theft if you aren’t careful. The scam experts have put together a smart list four things you should watch for when you’re shopping online in order to avoid unnecessary shipping costs and related problems. We’ve also provided some tips for dealing with an online scam if it’s too late to prevent it.

·         Check out customer feedback before you make a purchase.

Do they have a company Facebook page?

·         Buy from users with a selling history.

It’s riskier to buy something online from a user with little to no selling history. That’s not to say that individuals who have never sold online before are out to scam you, but you should be a little more careful with newbies. Do research before making a major purchase, and investigate the website’s buying and selling policy to see if you’re covered in the event of a scam.

·         Actually read the terms and conditions.

Reading the terms and conditions is the best thing you can do when you’re on a website and you want to ensure you’re legally covered when you make a purchase. Terms and conditions are long, dry documents, but reading them can be very enlightening. For example, you’ll want to know in advance that a company has a policy of charging a subscription fee to your account every month after you enter your credit card or bank account. This could be perfectly legitimate, and easily overlooked when you don’t read the details.

·         Check the URL of the website you’re on.

Scam websites understand that they need to be convincing if they will be able to continue to get away with tricking and scamming people. Check the URL of the website you’re on to determine if it is a spoof site like “” This is especially important before entering any login information that might be captures and used against you. Do the same before you open any URLs in emails from senders with whom you aren’t very familiar. If you do find that the URL is questionable, then cancel any information you’ve entered and close the browser window. This is a good way to protect your computer, too.

Carefully review Free Shipping conditions and you will see that, as with any reputable online company, their policies are spelled out for anyone to peruse. Some sites make it more difficult to understand their policies, which makes scamming an even bigger risk. If you are a victim of a scam, keep all evidence and report it to the police immediately. There is a chance that you could recover some or all of what you lost if you act quickly and report it to the authorities.

My oldest Uncle is turning 58 next week, and my family and I have pulled together a great family get together, to celebrate. My only concern was that I wouldn’t be able find a present in time, that could also fit my budget. Luckily my Aunt told me a few things he has been wanting for quit sometime. He owns a few accordions that he has had for many years now, and has been looking for an accordion backpack, to help him carry it comfortably with him when he travels. He loves to show his talents off around the world with these awesome instruments.

So I thought I would search the web a bit and see what I could find, and was so amazed to find a great website in so little time with exactly what I thought my Uncle would want and they promised to have it delivered in time for this huge event. He opened his present up at his party our family threw for him, and I honestly have got to say my Uncle face lit up like Ive never seen it before. Not only was my Uncle extremely happy with his gift but my wallet is just as happy too.

Even though a lot of people are using their own computers and printers for a lot of things that used take a specialist to do, I still like being able to have the choice of having someone else print labels and other such items. My printer and I have a love/hate relationship. Lately it has been more on the hate side. It goes through ink cartridges like no other printer that I have ever had to use and those things aren’t cheap.

If I do my research I can usually find a great deal online that will do the majority of my printing needs. Right now buying a new printer isn’t really an option. If I have any money left from my tax return it might be a good thing to check into. I am still waiting to hear from my buddy who does my taxes for me each year. April 15th will be here in now time. I really hope I get a refund and don’t have to send Uncle Sam anything this year.