The Naming of One’s New Baby

Something that I have always had fun doing is reading what the Top 100 Baby Girl Names and Top 100 Baby Boy Names are for the year. Some names seem to always be in the top 20 or so I’ve noticed and they are usually very religious based names at that, not surprising really, considering we are basically a God fearing nation. A co-worker is expecting her first baby and we are putting together a baby shower which we are hoping will be a surprise, if certain people can keep their mouths closed, which can be a challenge for a work place full of females that have worked together for years and years. But I do love it there and we have fun.

I figured that I would go online and shop around for a baby gift when I stumbled on to a site with a lot of good gift ideas that I had a blast looking at, and I spent more time on the site than I thought I would have but I get such a kick out of all of the gadgets that they have now a days and I get lost in it all.

Of course like all websites, there are other links to tempt you and this one is no different and that is how I got on the subject of the top 100 names as I was alluding to earlier. I have to admit that the lists are not much different than the year(s) before but I find myself still looking at them all these years for some reason.

Drums – Pots and Pans Style

I have always loved hearing the drum, especially the tambora drum. I totally wish that I could have learned how to play the drums when I was younger, heck I couldn’t get past the first year of piano lessons. YouTube is a great source of entertainment and I found this video that I thought was cool enough to share here showing a young dude playing the drums on his (or his mother’s) pots and pans.

The Duncan Yo-Yo

The yo yo was one of my favorite toys that I played with and used to help pass the time away with as a youngster. It’s too bad that today’s kids aren’t into yo yos as we were back in the day. It has been a long time since I haven’t even seen a yo yo in a store, on TV, in a toy box nor being played with by anyone, which is sad because I know that they are still being made and used in competitions.

I only know this because I stumbled onto the Duncan Yo Yo website earlier today and saw that they are still being manufactured and used by some folks out there. Now I want to go out and buy a couple and see if I can still manage to do the tricks that I used to do so many years ago.

blast from the past

Duncan Yo Yo

Weddings and Money

There sure seems to be a lot on TV these days pertaining to weddings, big weddings, big expensive weddings. This just blows my mind. In times when people are losing their jobs, their homes and many things that we have worked hard for and have enjoyed up until our government screwed up things and the economy is in crisis, that people are out there spending tens and thousands of dollars on a wedding that lasts one whole day.

Honestly I don’t think that I could do something like while there are people out there in such desperate circumstances. Bad karma.

Green Web Hosting

One of my New Year’s resolutions for this year is to try and do more in order to be as “green” as possible. I have always been an avid recycler so there isn’t much more that I can do as far as recycling goes. But I have heard that there are web site hosting options out there that are doing what they can do in order to go green.

I’ve been told to go to webhostingrating dot com to find a good web host directory that shows a ton of webhostings and even a page dedicated to the ones that are advertising as being green. So I spent some time there last night and have decided to go with FatCow. Out of their top ten web hostings only FatCow made it although there are many more that are going green, but I’ve heard of FatCow before and I like what they have to offer their customers all the way around.

This really is an interesting and most helpful site to check out folks and I urge anyone else to take a look and see if their is a better option for your web hosting needs and if you want to go green it is a good place to start.